Offering bust commissions!

If anyone is interested please send a note or email me at  

I prefer paypal but if you do not have a paypal account I do have a donate button on my website 

Things I was selling this at Kumorison. Eeveelution and Gatomon stickers and charms at discounted prices. As well as 2 Wishing Star Trees and my Giant Plush Fox (who found a really great home!) and a few older prints. Looking forward to the last day, tomorrow and to tabling at Rose City Comic Con in a couple weeks with BlindThistle!

Practicing making shrinky dink rings. Conclusion: Need more practice.

Upcoming Conventions

I’ll be selling some of my work (which I’ll be posting sneak peeks of soon) at 2 upcoming conventions!

Kumoricon in Vancouver, Washington


Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon

The Warrior Snow Beastie looks out onto the path before him, ready for adventure.